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How Old is Your Hot Russian Bride?

4. June 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Ollyasunny is only 19, but she's ready for love!

Age is an important factor when searching for a suitable match. Some guys have a specific age range that they strictly adhere to, while others believe age ain’t nuthin’ but a number. But which number?


Did you know that people can actually have as many as 5 different ages?


Russian brides often take this into consideration when evaluating potential partners. If you begin to look past the standard Chronological Age, you may find more ladies that you’re compatible with.


Chronological Age

This is the number of years that you have actually lived, calculated from the day you were born. Russian women may refer to this as their “passport age”. Everyone is judged by their Chronological Age. In many countries it determines essential rites of passage, such as when you can legally drive cars, vote for president, drink alcohol, retire, etc. But should this age be the only one that factors into a couple’s compatibility?


Biological Age

Also known as Real Age, this type is calculated by your lifestyle, medical history, fitness, and genetics. Some people may actually be younger in Biological Age, while others may be older. It all depends on the factors that affect your physical health. Since most Russian and Ukrainian women eat healthy and exercise often, their Biological Age may be the same as (or even younger than) their Chronological Age.


Achievement Age

Educational accomplishments can also determine age, known as Achievement Age. Gentlemen often wonder how a 20 year old Russian girl can list her profession as doctor or lawyer. One reason may be because they are actually studying to become one. But another reason is because education is highly regarded in Russia and encouraged at a very early age. Many Russian girls will already have completed several years at universities at a younger age than you would expect. In this case, they have older achievement ages.


Psychological Age

This number is determined by you; it is how old you feel. Many people admit to being their Chronological Age, but often feel many years younger, which is their Psychological Age. Russian women are actually the opposite. These ladies may look young on the outside, but they feel older on the inside, due to their life experiences, mental capacity, and eagerness to settle down and start a family. How developed their emotions and maturity are also factor into their Psychological Age.


Social Age

This type is similar to Psychological Age in that it is calculated by emotions and maturity as well. Someone who has a lower Social Age than their Chronological Age may have difficulty engaging in social situations and dealing with people. Russian ladies, being as emotionally expressive as they are, often have a high social age. Gentlemen are even surprised by how mature many of the younger Russian brides sound in emails and chats.


With 5 different ages to consider, you may discover that most Russian and Ukrainian women are actually “older” than their Chronological Age depicts them. It’s easy to decline a chat invite or delete an email from a lady that appears to be too young for you, but with all of her ages combined, she could be your perfect match. If you find her attractive and share some common interests, give the relationship a chance.