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How Short Guys Score Hot Russian Wives

14. December 2011 by Masha 0 Comments

Ladies often list "tall" as a quality they look for in men, but do Russian women care so much about height? While it's true that many of these ladies are long and lean themselves, they don't actually put as much emphasis on a man's appearance as you'd expect.


Short guys find their soul mates in Russia and Ukraine all the time by following these simple suggestions.


Work Out but Don't Bulk Up

One mistake short guys make is building their muscles too much. Bulging biceps on a small body make men look too stocky and even stumpy. However, it's still important to hit the gym, play some recreational sports, or anything else that will keep you in shape.


Invest in Good Clothes

Ladies do pay attention to what you're wearing and since short guys have to make the most of what they've got, it's wise to spend a little extra on nice clothes that fit. You may need to befriend a tailor. Also, try to keep up on fashion trends and experiment with your own style.


Kick up the Confidence

This is a trait that's sexy on everyone, regardless of stature. Remember to stand tall with good posture and exude your charming personality to create the confidence that all ladies love.


Partner with Petite Girls

Not every Russian bride is runway model height. There are plenty of shorter gals that need love too! You may have more luck with a lady on your own level, so visit the Petite Princesses Photo Gallery!   


Hot Russian brides love meeting men of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and personalities! Log on today to find your perfect match!