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How Ukrainian Women Celebrate Valentine's Day

11. February 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

While some silly cities have banned Valentine's Day all together, others are embracing the holiday wholeheartedly. From chocolate festivals to wedding tradition workshops, Ukrainian women welcome the opportunity to celebrate love. 


In the capital city of Kyiv, the Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art Museum will hold a series of workshops, exploring courting and wedding traditions. The special event will explore the history of the wedding candle ceremony, as well as help visitors create cards using the traditional Eastern Ukrainian tole painting technique Petrykivskyi Rozpus. 


There will also be a love raffle, confessions of love as depicted in Ukrainian cinematic classics, readings of literary excerpts on the feeling of love, themed contests, and photo shoots for couples wearing Ukrainian national clothing.


The southern seaport of Odessa will have a festive bazaar to celebrate the Day of Saint Valentine. Romantic souvenirs, gifts, and cards will be available from various street vendors along with cupcakes shaped like roses, a single mitten for two, mulled wine, grog, pickles and edible Valentine’s Day souvenirs.


The city of Odessa also attracts romantics on this holiday due to its Tree of Love. The bronze plant is decorated with numerous metal hearts that feature the word love in 65 languages.


In Lviv, the 14th of February is National Chocolate Day. The sixth annual celebration will feature all different kinds of chocolate and sweets. Every year the festival breaks its own record for having the most different types of treats.


This year, organizers have announced the launch of the unique Chocolate Mail. Many artists representing different artistic styles will create cards made out of actual chocolate.


Another record could be beaten in Chernivtsi where a heart constructed of 5,000 lit candles will brighten up the western Ukrainian city. Organizers aim to construct the largest candle heart in the city, just like last year, with the help of eager participants.


Besides the actual lighting of the candles, guests will enjoy a show by the performers of the dancing TV show Tantsiuyut Vsi and learn how to create handmade Valentine’s Day gifts in a themed workshop. 


For the party people, Club Prime in Kyiv will host an all night Valentine's Day masquerade Saturday night. Gothic style celebrations is the theme with performances by electro, industrial and experimental bands, a Best Theme Gown of the Night Contest, a Couple Most Madly in Love Contest, and much more. 


Do any of your favorite Ukrainian girls live near these cities? Find out if they plan on partaking in these or any other Valentine's Day festivities.