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How can I avoid receiving email from my Russian dating service account?

11. February 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

While notifications of new emails received can be useful when you’re first signing up, some Russian dating service members may find the constant reminder of new emails to be intrusive or annoying, so we have set up tools to ensure that members only need to receive the emails that they feel they need.

Firstly, it’s always important to make sure we have a real, commonly used email on-file. If there is an issue or an important notice we need you to see, it won’t do any good if it is sent to an email that doesn’t exist or that you never check. If you want to avoid receiving email notifications, there is a much easier way of doing so:

  1. Click on “My Account” from the bottom menu.
  2. Click “Web Site Preferences” from the right-hand menu.

After this, select which type of email notifications you prefer. If you’d rather not receive any, you have that option but many members of our International Matchmaking service find it useful to get at least a weekly or daily digest of emails from Russian Single Women.