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How can I be more specific with my search for Russian Brides?

9. June 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

We recommend keeping an open mind about the type of Russian ladies you are searching for, as matches can be made in the unlikeliest of places, but for the gentlemen who feel that they would prefer a lady who meet a certain criteria, such as height, age range, or a variety of other factors, we offer our Advanced Search system.


You can access the Advanced Search, simply by clicking the “Search” option on the top navigation bar. This search option will allow you to look for ladies based on the criteria you select.


Only interested in ladies between 30 and 42? Plug that information into the Advanced Search menu, hit “Search” and you’ll view every lady in our database between those ages. You can even get specific – want to meet a Blonde Aquarian Ukrainian bride between 25-35 years old who only drinks occasionally? Enter in those details – you can be as specific as you like, but remember that the more specific you are the more you are limiting the possible matches you will find.


If you are specific about the type of Russian woman or Ukrainian bride you are looking for, our Advanced Search page is a useful tool for limiting your communications to exactly the type of lady you wish to be in contact with.