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How can I view my credits used on HotRussianBrides.com?

11. May 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments


As credits are an important part of the process here on HotRussianBrides.com, we make it easy for our members to view how many credits they have used to Chat, Email and Video Chat with Single Russian Women and how close they are to completing the requirements for an Intimacy Request to date Russian Ladies and Ukrainian girls.

How can I check how close I am to Qualifying to meet my potential Ukrainian wife?

If you want to view how many credits you have used, and if you have meet the Qualification requirement (currently if you have 1,000 credits used and a Premium membership with our Russian Marriage Agency, you can qualify to meet Russian brides). You can quite easily check on your Qualification status if you have a Premium membershipsimply click on “IMBRA” from the bottom navigation menu. On the next screen, simply scroll to the bottom and you will be able to view how many credits you have used and how many you have left to use before you are Qualified. If you have already met the criteria, this page will also tell you the next step in the Qualification process!

How can I view my recent credit purchases and credit uses?

If you want to see specific additions and subtractions to your credits, you can quite easily from the Russian Dating Site Transactions menu. Every chat conversation you have with Russian wives or email you send to Kiev girls are noted in this Transaction section. The Transactions screen is easily accessible from the “My Account” option on the bottom navigation menu.

For a video overview of how to access the Transaction menu and how to view the multiple kinds of transactions – from Emails you have sent Kiev brides to Chat and Video chat credits used simply click here!