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How do I send gifts on Hot Russian Brides?

7. October 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

If you would like to send gifts to a lady you have met on our website, you are in luck! Hot Russian Brides offers a number of different gifts, ranging from flowers to jewelry and if you and a lady are feeling serious about each other you can even arrange for English lessons so you and she can communicate more easily when it comes time to meet.


If you are ready to send a gift to a lady on the site, the first thing you need to do is add her to your Gift List. To add a lady to your Gift List, click the giftbox icon located within her profile card. When viewing a lady in your Gift List, two frames will be displayed. The left frame contains your Gift Basket and Gifts Sent for that particular lady. The right frame contains our Gift Shop, from which you may purchase any of a number of gifts. Clicking the eye icon in the Gift Shop will reveal more information about the gift, including a larger picture, text description and a price.


If you decide that you would like to clean up your gift list, you can remove a lady from your Gift List by clicking "Delete From My Gifts," which is located in the upper portion of the left frame of your Gift List.


Please remember that the Gift List is intended as a tool for building better relationships through our site and allowing Gentlemen to "Romance" their Ladies, despite the distance between them. If you find anybody misusing the Gift Shop like asking for gifts, please immediately let us know.