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How do I stop my recurring charges on Hot Russian Brides?

19. November 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

As one of the most reputable Russian dating sites around, we are asked frequently if there is a quick and effective way to stop the monthly membership charges on HotRussianBrides.com. Our Credit Card processing system is set up to renew on a Monthly basis automatically to make the membership process easier and less of a hassle for our members, helping avoid gaps in memberships and unnecessary credit loss. However, customers still may want the ability to cancel their Russian Dating Service membership with us.

If you are using a Credit Card and would like to cancel your monthly charges, please feel free to log into your account and click the “My Account” button. This will open the Account menu on the right. From that menu, please select “Cancel Membership/Monthly Charges”. This will not completely eliminate your Ukrainian Dating account, but will just cancel the recurring charge. Your account will continue at its current Premium status until the date it was set to renew and will then return to the Free Bronze membership.

If you’re a PayPal customer, the process it even easier! If you renew your account using PayPal, then automatic renewal isn’t an option. All you need to do is wait for your membership period to expire and you will be returned to Free Bronze Membership until you choose to renew!

If you would also like to deactivate your account – whether temporarily or otherwise – you can do so very easily from the same menu! Simply log into your HotRussianBrides account and select the “Edit Account” option. From the “Edit Account” menu, you can make a lot of alterations to your account including Email, Street address and personal information. The first option on this page though, will be the one that gives you the ability to make your account Active or Inactive. Inactive hides your profile and personal information from the website, while switching it back to active will reinstate your status on our service.