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How do I watch a video stream of a Russian bride?

13. April 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Video Chat with Russian Women

To see which ladies are currently online AND streaming video, click the flashing "Live Chat" button located within the navigation bar at the top of your homepage. If a lady's chat icon is flashing, it means she is currently streaming video. When you see a lady whose video stream you would like to view, click the flashing green chat icon located within her profile card.


The chat program will open via a popup window. To view the lady's video stream, click the green "Start Video" icon located within the upper right-hand corner of the chat window and then click "Accept." You can stop viewing the video stream by closing the chat window, or by clicking the red "Stop Video" icon.


Note: You can initiate a chat session with a lady who is streaming video regardless of whether or not you wish to view her video stream. To initiate a chat with a woman who is streaming video, but whose video stream you do not wish to watch, simply open a chat window by clicking her flashing green chat icon. When the chat window opens, initiate a chat as you normally would. As long as you do not click the "Start Video" icon, the lady's video stream will not open, nor will you be charged for viewing it. Likewise, you can view a lady's video stream even if you do not wish to chat with her. Simply open a chat window and click the "Start Video" icon within the chat window. When you are finished viewing, close the chat window.


Quick Steps from My Home:

  1. Click "Live Chat"
  2. Click a lady's flashing green chat icon
  3. Click "Start Video" and "Accept"