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How to Attract Russian Women Online

3. May 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

When it comes to online dating, men must work harder to attract, and keep, a woman’s attention. Here’s how you can put your best face forward on HotRussianBrides.com.   


Post a Great Profile Photo

Women are drawn to men who are cheerful and confident. So how can you show your positive side without saying a word? Upload photos that show you smiling, laughing, and having a good time. Too many men try to play it cool in profile pictures, and though pouting or staring intently into the camera may work for some, smiles and laughter get the best results. Your photo is the first thing she will see, so make it worthwhile.


Create a Positive Profile

Once your photo has attracted a lady’s attention, she will then check out your profile. This is your chance to pique her interest and make her want to know more. It’s important to be positive. Avoid mentioning your doubts about finding anyone on the site, past dating disappointments, scam concerns, etc. Though it’s certainly okay to have less than positive feelings, your profile is not the place to broadcast them. Think of your HotRussianBrides profile as an advertisement. Companies don’t advertise their doubts and neither should you. What would you think if you saw an ad for McDonald’s that said “we have a new hamburger, but you probably won’t like it.”?


Keep it Light in the First Few Emails and Chats

If your profile photo and profile have done their job, a Russian woman will send a message or request to chat with you. Again, it’s important to be positive, especially in the beginning. Try not to complain about the cost of Russian dating, don’t accuse or lady of being a scammer, avoid depressing topics like death, war, financial woes, health concerns, etc. We don’t mean to say you can never discuss these topics, but rather you should keep things relatively light during the “getting to know you” phase of a relationship. If things work out you’ll have plenty of time to discuss the heavy issues.    

In short, one of the best ways to attract a Russian woman’s attention and keep her wanting more is to be positive! Though life isn’t always sunshine and roses, a positive attitude goes a long way in winning a lady's heart.