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How to Attract Women

29. May 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Those who clicked into this blog entry looking for a magic bullet are bound to be disappointed; there is no one quick and simple way to make women feel drawn to you. But, there are many things that you can do – and also avoid doing – that can make you more attractive to women, especially women from the FSU.


Some of the top tips:


Be Confident

A gentleman who is confident sends a signal that he is worthwhile. His easy manner puts others at ease, too, and make him pleasant to be around. Check out our many articles on building confidence for our best tips to help you be at your best. 


But, Don’t Be Arrogant

Being confident doesn’t mean bragging, and it doesn’t mean cutting others down to make you look better. Ladies surveyed by Hot Russian Brides® listed arrogance as one of their top turn offs. Make sure you don’t deep six a happy friendship before it begins by making the wrong impression.


Take a Great Profile Picture

The ladies you meet through this site will form their first impression of you through your profile picture. Make sure that it’s a good one. Make sure that your posture is good, and that you take your photo in a well-lit, uncluttered area. Dating experts say that, for men, smiling but looking just past the lens is more attractive than staring dead-on. And, tilting your head so that only one ear is showing makes a more attractive headshot.


Show Interest in Her

If all of the conversation is about you – your job, your hobbies, your beliefs – that will get old real fast. Instead, encourage her to talk about herself. Ask her to tell you about her work, school, her family, and her life. She’ll be flattered by your sincere interest in who she is as a person.


Be a Gentleman

In chat, avoid sexual comments, particularly with a lady who you do not know well. Crude language is a turn-off for many ladies. And, when you meet, continue to be a gentleman by opening doors, carrying packages and offering her arm when you walk down the street. Ukrainian ladies can be quite traditional, and they appreciate these gestures.


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