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How to Avoid Making Your Russian Bride Lose Interest

12. October 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

Perhaps you’ve found a Russian lady you really like. You start exchanging messages, but then suddenly you don’t hear from her again? Why?

Making the wrong move could kill a great relationship before it has even begun. Even worse, she might think you’re a jerk if you repeat the same mistake. Here are some tips on what not to do when you are getting to know a new lady.

Talking about Sex or Marriage Too Soon

Given the abundance of stunningly beautiful Russian brides on HotRussianbrides.com, it is natural that you might want to establish a deeper commitment with one of them right away. But asking a lady too soon about such heavy subjects as marriage or sex is not the right way to go. A courtship process needs to take place first. When you have gotten to know a particular lady well enough, only then will you be able to broach such serious subjects. Mentioning them after you have first met online will quickly push her away. 

Figuring out Where She is at Any Given Time

It is fairly easy nowadays to learn a person’s schedule and determine what she might be doing at any given moment. However, that does not make it any less creepy. If a lady learns that you’re following her every movement and you know, more-or-less, what she is up to at any given time, you will come across as a stalker.

Trying to Contact Her Constantly

Just because she has not instantly responded to your latest message doesn’t mean you should bombard her with more. Many Russian women must travel great distances to access an Internet connection. This fact, coupled with the busy life that many of the women lead, might make it difficult for the women to get back to you right away. A barrage of contacts will only make you look desperate and bored. Have patience.

Pursuing Her Despite Her Lack of Interest

Women are masters at dropping passive aggressive hints. If you send her a long message and she replies with a one-sentence response that should not be your cue to send her another long-winded reply. If she is really interested, you will know.

Talking Too Much about Previous Relationships

Another surefire way to give a lady the creeps is to talk frequently about prior relationships you have had with other women. If you talk positively about another woman, your Russian lady will think you are still not over your previous relationship. If you talk negatively about another woman, your Russian lady might feel insecure and wonder if anything she does might be cause for you to talk bad about her. The best thing to do is avoid talking about your previous romantic interests.

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. And just because one woman might lose interest does not mean there is not another one out there who would be delighted to meet you. Just keep these tips in mind as you correspond with the ladies and always remember to be a gentleman.