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How to Be a Great Catch for a Russian Lady

11. January 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

How can you convince a Russian woman that you’re a keeper? Here are 3 simple things you can do to be a great catch for any lady. 


Take Care of Yourself

Great catches take care of themselves. They exercise and eat right. They avoid situations that are mentally and/or physically unhealthy. They take pride in their appearance and try to put their best face forward. You don’t have to be a fitness guru or a fashion icon to snag a Russian lady, but men who try to look their best do better with women than those who don’t. One of the things Western men love most about Russian women is that the ladies take care of themselves and try to look good for their partners. Great catches will do the same for the ladies they court.


Be Considerate

Many singles think only of on their own relationship wants and needs and neglect the needs of their partner. Great catches do not. A great catch is considerate of his partner’s feelings. He frequently asks for his lady’s input and takes her thoughts and opinions seriously. He tries to see things from a lady’s point of view and adjusts his actions accordingly. Considerate men make the best catches. 


Express Yourself

As we’ve said many times before, good communication is crucial to establishing and maintaining a happy, healthy relationship. Great catches know this and they aren’t afraid to discuss their feelings or express when something is bothering them. That doesn’t mean you have to express every fleeting emotion, just things your Russian lady deserves to know.

Every lady has a different idea about what makes a great catch. However, kind and considerate gentlemen who take care of themselves and are honest and open about their feelings top just about every list. When in doubt, think about the qualities you’d like in a partner and then make an effort to live up to this image.