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How to Break the Ice With a Lady on HotRussianBrides

27. October 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Do you have trouble starting conversations on HotRussianBrides.com? You’re not alone. Many members, both male and female, are suddenly tongue tied when it comes to approaching a potential match online. Here are a few ideas to break the ice and help you get to know the ladies on our site.


Current Events

Discussing the current events in a lady’s country is one easy way to get a conversation flowing, so long as you don’t dwell on topics that are too depressing or negative. Holidays in Russia or the Ukraine are always a good bet, as are name days, quirky or funny news stories, and cultural events. Bringing up current events shows a lady that you care enough about the Russian dating experience to learn a little about Eastern Europe and that you are knowledgeable about international events. Not sure where to start? Sites like RIA Novosti, What’s On Kiev, Pravda, RT.com, and The Moscow Times are all good sources of information.      


Common Interests

Another easy way to break the ice is to ask a lady about the interests she shares with you. Do you both like animals? Ask about her pets or tell her about your own. Are the two of you into sports? Find out what athletic activity she enjoys the most. Are you both into traveling? Compare travel notes and discuss where you’d like to go next. It only takes one common interest to generate a long and lively conversation. Common interests are great conversation starters because they help show a lady that you actually read her profile and that you aren’t just messaging every hot woman you see (you aren’t, are you?).


Profile Photos

As you may have noticed, the women on HotRussianBrides have a variety of interesting or unusual profile photos. Check out our Russian Bride Photo Galleries to see a few examples. If you aren’t comfortable with current events or don’t share any common interests with a lady why not comment on her photos? However, you’ll need to do more than say “You look so sexy” or “I love your pictures.” Many men do that and you’ll only blend into the crowd of suitors. Instead, ask where a photo was taken, why she selected the photos she did, or better yet, remark on something unusual or noteworthy in a picture, for example, a costume, a pet, an interesting prop, and ask a few questions.

Every online dater is at a loss for words from time to time. If you find yourself grasping for ideas, remember that current events, common interests, and profile photos are great ice breakers. Visit HotRussianBrides.com now and give it a try!