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How to Charm Beautiful Russian Women: Top 5 Questions to Ask

25. September 2018 by Admin 0 Comments


Talking to women can be intimidating, especially when they are as stunning as the women on Hot Russian Brides.


Once you get past the initial “Hello” phase; sometimes it isn’t the easiest to keep the conversation going and get to know that gorgeous woman on a deeper and more meaningful level.


We’re here to help -- as the love experts behind Hot Russian Brides, we’ve spoken with a lot of women and know what can get them to open up.  


Don’t be shy - give these icebreakers a try!


“What’s your favorite place to visit in Russia and why?”

 Not only are you expressing interest in her home country, but you can get to know what activity or place really makes her happy.


 This is a great opportunity to share similar interests or experiences.


Who knows? Maybe she’ll take you there sometime!


LeraCare (Profile 908527) would be thrilled to tell you about her hometown!



What is Your Dream Job?


Race car driver, astronaut, movie star -- we've all had dream career aspirations.


Ask her what her dream job is - you never know what she could respond!


Maybe she's already pursuing that dream or possibly her job is something completely different.  It's a great way to learn more about her interests and goals.


It's even possible that you're even so compatible that yours is exactly the same!


Find out what Immilka's Dream job is for a deeper insight (Profile 854147)   


Do you have any special talents?


Everyone has a secret or not so secret talent.  It may be something to share with the world like singing or it could be something as silly as being able to touch her tongue to her nose. 

Get to know her a little better by asking her what her talent is - and don't forget to mention yours!



What's LovelyJulie's hidden talent? You'll never know unless you ask! (Profile 840971) 



What is something you've always wanted to try but haven't?


Get to know her more by asking this question -- it'll give you an idea of how adventurous she is or if she has any unique passions.


She may even completely surprise you by saying something that's on your bucket list - or even better give you a new item to put on that list!


Go on an adventure with AngelKatty (Profile 85778)! 


What are you looking for in a partner?


The ultimate question to ask.


You need to know if you two will be compatible from the start and you don't want to have your time wasted if you aren't a match in this department.  


Also, let her know what you're looking for as well as she might not be the one for you.


Are you and Annettee (Profile 949944) a match -- find out now! 

Now that you're armed with these great questions, nothing is stopping you from talking to any one of the beautiful women on Hot Russian Brides!


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