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How to Charm Russian Brides with Live Chat

22. March 2013 by Masha 0 Comments

With several communication tools at your fingertips, you can choose to contact hot Russian brides how ever you feel most comfortable. The most popular way is through Live Chat, or Instant Messaging. It's fast, fun, and you can be super flirty with minimal effort. 


It's just easier to be charming toward Russian women this way! You have time to think before you type yet you can still be spontaneous.


Before you begin, be sure to read her profile. It helps to find something specific that you both have in common and mention it in your first message. If you don't see any similarities, but you still find her super hot, pick something about her that piques your interest and ask her a question.


Another way to charm her right out of the gate is to give her a compliment on something specific, whether it's her smile, her hair, her eyes, or something about the way she describes herself. Keep in mind that beautiful Ukrainian girls likely get compliments all the time so make yours original; something that will stand out! 


Be careful not to get long winded. Extended stories are better for emails or face to face conversations rather than instant messaging. You want to keep her interested and engaged so short, punchy sentences with funny tidbits work best. 


Should you use pick-up lines? Probably not because they are obvious, overused, and often reek of desperation. More subtle approaches, rather than coming on too strong right at the beginning, could make her stay online longer to see where the conversation goes. Ladies like men who are confident yet slightly mysterious.


If you've had a few Live Chats with a lady already, impress her by mentioning something she told you previously. Make it easier on yourself by using the Black Book as your virtual memory bank by keeping notes on each lady.  


Charming Russian women with Live Chat is really easy once you get a little practice. She'll think you're cool and confident even if you aren't! However, the more you chat online, the more comfortable you'll be chatting in person!


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