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How to Find Russian Women By Profession

23. February 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

At times, gentlemen may be interested in dating women in a certain line of work. Perhaps you want to meet a fellow writer or journalist, or perhaps you’ve got a thing for nurses, teachers, doctors, or lawyers. While there’s no official way to search for ladies by profession, there is a workaround that allows members of HotRussianBrides to find ladies in a specific occupation.

The easiest way to filter women by profession is to alter the link below. If you click on the link, you’ll see Russian women who are doctors or women who are studying the medical profession. To search by career, simply replace the word “doctor” with the job title of your choice. Be careful not to change any other part of the link, however, or it won’t work.



The ladies of HRB work in a wide range of fields. Here, you’ll find dancers, models, singers, secretaries, engineers, and more. Some men have noticed that women in their early twenties list their professions as doctor or lawyer and wonder how such young women managed to complete the necessary schooling. More often than not, the ladies are students working towards entering these fields.


Have fun playing around with the link to meet women in interesting (or not so interesting) lines of work. The ladies' occupations are more varied than you think.