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How to Give Compliments That Count

26. April 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Did you know that receiving a compliment stimulates the same parts of the brain that are activated by getting rewards or gifts? Giving a great compliment to that special lady can give her a boost in mood that can last for days.  And, compliments are a great way to break the ice with someone new or to feel closer to someone you want to get to know better.


But, compliments that have the best effect have a few qualities in common. A few things to keep in mind to make your compliments make her feel great:


Pick Something Specific

Ladies hear “you’re beautiful” a dozen times a day. Instead, pick a detail that you especially like, and say something about it. “Your hair looks good up like that; it really brings out your eyes.” Or, “Your English is really good; I can tell you’ve worked hard to learn the language.”



Tell Her About the Effect on You

People like knowing when they have a positive effect on someone. Say something like: “Your smile brightens my day” or “Your email made me laugh; you have a great sense of humor.” These are the type of compliments that can build rapport between you and the lady you are courting.


Sincerity Counts

Above all, when you give her a compliment, you must mean it. Insincere compliments that are given just to flatter sound false, and can make someone wary of you instead of making them feel closer.


Don’t Go Overboard

Too much of a good thing can wind up working against you. If you spend every conversation heaping praise on her, she can begin to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. Try to restrain yourself if you are in danger of laying it on too thick. How much is too much? Read over your emails before you send them, and maybe trim out compliments that go on for more than a sentence or two, and keep to one or two per conversation.