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How to Make Russian Ladies Laugh

26. October 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Since Russian women tend to act so sophisticated and mature, gentlemen think they want to be serious all the time. However, these ladies love to laugh and goof around as much as possible!


Many list "good sense of humor" as one of the qualities they are seeking in a husband, so knowing how to make them laugh will increase your chances of finding a match. Here a few good tips! 


Send Funny Photos

Members of HotRussianBrides.com can add attachments when emailing the ladies, so why not include a funny photo? Posing with pets is sure make them smile, or perhaps some adorable baby photos of yourself!


Share Cute One-Liners

Telling jokes is an obvious way to conjure up some chuckles, but when speaking different languages, the meanings may get lost in translation. Keep it simple with cute one-liners. Even cheesy pick-up lines can make a lady laugh.  


Talk about Comedians, Sitcoms, Funny Movies

A good conversation starter is to bring up funny movies, comedians, and sitcoms. You can try to find some of hers translated or with subtitles in your language and vice versa. You can also discover new comedies that are available in both of your languages, set a time to watch them simultaneously, and then laugh together about them afterwards!


Be a Good Observer

Effective comedians watch and listen to their audience so they know exactly what will crack them up. Pay attention to your lady and try to mimic her style of humor. Being a good observer not only gives you good material for jokes, but will help keep the conversations going.


Making Russian ladies laugh usually isn't too difficult. Most of them are fun-loving, cheerful girls so just be yourself and don't take your conversations too seriously!