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How to Make Yourself Interesting to a Russian Woman

6. November 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

Relationships are a two-way street. Just as you will want to get to know everything you can about each of the lovely Russian ladies on HotRussianBrides.com, they will also want to get to know you. When they ask what you like to do for fun or what you do in your free time, you don’t want to sound like a bore. Here are some tips on what it takes to make yourself interesting to a Russian woman.


You Don’t Need Money to be Interesting

Some men have a misconception that women are only interested in them because of how much money they have. Nothing could be further from the truth. Money can do some things, but it isn’t a silver bullet when it comes to attracting Russian women. The ladies will be more interested in you based on the life you live and the things you do with your time. The key is taking action and getting off the couch and away from the computer.


Play up Your Hobbies, or Take up a New One

Just what is it that you find interesting? Are you into music? Do you like sports? Do you like to travel and discover new places? Whatever you like to do, dig into it and do it often. If there is nothing that comes to mind, then what better reason is there to try something new? Think of something you enjoyed doing when you were younger or maybe something you have always wanted to do. Once you have an idea, go for it.


Volunteer or Take a Class

Donating your time to a worthy cause is one of the best ways to demonstrate to a Russian lady that you genuinely care about others. It could be serving as a mentor to young people, volunteering at a homeless shelter, working on a political campaign, or any number of other possibilities.


Maybe you would prefer to spend your time perfecting a new skill or expanding on knowledge you already possess on a given topic. In this case, you could look into taking a class on whatever subject interests you. It doesn’t have to be anything extensive. You could spend a few nights a week learning to play an instrument, studying world literature or honing your skills as an artist.


The Bottom Line: Take Action

The more active you are in your non-work-related life, the more interesting – and the more attractive – you will be to Russian women. If you find yourself idling in front of a computer or a TV very often, turn them off and take stock in something else that you personally find interesting. Chances are if you get involved in something that interests you, the more likely she is to take an interest in you.