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How to Make a Great First Impression

26. May 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Cute Ukrainian bride, Kate09

Initial impressions are important, especially when you're competing with millions of other singles searching for love online. With Russian dating, there are actually two first impressions - one when you meet online and then again when you meet in person.


Here are three tips to help you get them both right.


How to Present Yourself

Russian and Ukrainian women appreciate nicely groomed, well dressed gentlemen, so post profile photos that show you looking your best. Also, try to avoid mispellings and online dating clichés in the written sections of your profile. When you meet in person for the first time, you can never go wrong wearing a suit.  


Which Words To Use

When starting to chat with a Russian bride online, try giving a specific yet brief compliment about her photos or her profile information. Be careful not to overdo it. Next, talk about a mutual interest so she knows you have something in common. Remember to come across as intelligent by typing with proper spelling and grammar. Too much slang and abbreviations can be confusing. While you may need a translator when meeting in person, you can really impress her by learning a few Russian words.


How to Say It

While “what you say” is incredibly important, the “way you say it” will matter too once you start chatting over the phone and in person. Some gentlemen get so nervous or excited that they sound timid and shy. Others are the opposite, trying to exude confidence and assertiveness to the point of sounding rude or aggressive. Practice speaking with a positive, pleasing tone at a moderate pace.


You typically have a very limited time to make a good first impression on someone, so be sure to prepare and practice! Ukrainian girls are eager to meet you so start introducing yourself today!