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How to Marry Your Russian Bride

24. September 2009 by Celeste 0 Comments

Every country has its own wedding traditions rooted in the region’s history and culture.  Russia is certainly no exception.  While many modern Russian brides are open to parting from tradition and having a modern “Westernized” wedding, it can be fun to learn about her culture’s rituals and beliefs while planning your big day together.  Who knows, you may decide you like some of these rituals and end up incorporating them into your own wedding!  Here are a few interesting traditions to keep in mind!



  • Stemming from the similarity in pronunciation to the word mayatsa, which means “to suffer,” Russian believe that a marriage conducted in May is doomed to be an unhappy one.  May is viewed as a difficult month and any activity taken up during that month is destined to fail.


  • During the reception, friends will “kidnap” the bride and hold her for ransom.  It is up to the groom to notice her absence and then negotiate a payment to her kidnappers for her safe return.


  • Russians believe that whichever newlywed steps onto the wedding carpet first at the Registry Office is the one who will become the head of the family. 


  • Newlyweds receive salt and bread from their families to ensure they experience good luck and prosperity during their marriage.


  • Wedding guests who are eager to be married themselves should covertly pull the tablecloth to themselves at the reception dinner. 


  • It is considered to be a bad omen if anything bad happens to the bride’s shoes during the wedding, such as a broken heel.  However, Russian brides also believe that they can cultivate good luck by placing a coin under their left heel.


  • Once a relative or close friend has made the first toast at the wedding ceremony, guests are supposed to throw their champagne glasses to the ground.  If they break upon impact, it is considered good luck.


  • Traditionally, no engagement ring is offered and the wedding bands are worn upon the RIGHT hand, rather than the left.  However, the offering of an engagement ring is gaining popularity around the world, so these rules are rather flexible.  But whichever hand you decide to wear your wedding rings, be careful not to drop the rings while exchanging them!  If the bride or bridegroom should drop the ring while trying to put it on the other's finger, it is considered to be a very bad omen!