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How to Narrow Down Your Russian Dating Pool

29. June 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Beautiful Russian bride, MissBrunette

As a member of HotRussianBrides.com, you have access to over 10,000 sensational, single women. Some guys just don’t know where to start! There are hundreds of ladies online now, you have plenty that have become your Admirers, and your inbox is filling up with emails.


Here are a few strategies on how to narrow down your Russian dating pool.


Reply Selectively

While most men want to respond to every single email they receive, sometimes it’s best to just reply to those you are most interested in getting to know more. New members are featured on the ladies’ site so they tend to receive hundreds of emails in the first few days. Find time to read through them all, review the ladies’ profiles, and then reply to at least 10 for further communication.


Search for Yourself

Some guys like to sit back and be pursued by Russian brides, while others ignore emails and chat requests and seek out certain women themselves. The Advanced Search feature allows members to combine all kinds of criteria to find specific singles to say hello to first.


Explore a Niche

Another fun way to focus on just a few Ukrainian ladies is to browse the Photo Galleries that feature particular groups of girls. One day try chatting up the Green Eyed Goddesses, then the next day talk with some Petite Princesses. From hair and eye color to height and hobbies, there are many different collections to explore every day!


Don’t forget to use your Black Book to help keep track of all your Favorites, Admirers and Matches. You can also view all of the ladies you’ve chatted with and those you’ve sent Intimacy Requests. Russian dating can be daunting at first, but once you devise a plan and get started, you’ll love the company and compassion of these hot Russian brides!