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How to Prepare for a Russian Bride Marriage

23. October 2012 by Masha 0 Comments

More and more people are meeting their soul mates in countries other than their own thanks to the world wide web. Russian and Ukrainian women are desirable marriage partners for thousands of men each year.


While the online courting process is easy and enjoyable, once a couple pairs up and decides to wed, there are many aspects of an international marriage that they need to understand and prepare for.


Language Lessons

International dating wouldn’t be possible without the help of qualified translators to convert chats and emails. These experts are also available when a man travels to meet his lady in Russia or Ukraine so their first dates are less stressful. But once they are ready to marry and she moves to his country, there are no more translators. The language barrier is one of most difficult challenges that a multicultural couple has to overcome. Teaching lessons to each other can be a fun way to feel a closer connection.


Money Matters

Economics in Russia and Ukraine is quite different from other parts of the world. Russian women that are fortunate enough to work will earn in a month what men from other countries can earn in just a few days. While her pay may be adequate for her lifestyle, learning to deal with the changes of a new lifestyle will be a struggle. The monthly bills from home and car ownership, plus loans such as credit cards will be mostly new to a Russian bride so her husband will have to help her understand these issues.


Culture Conflicts

Another major challenge of merging mates from different countries is adapting to each other’s traditions and cultures. Russian and Ukrainian women are often very deeply rooted in their countries’ histories and values, which they won’t easily part with once they move away. Discussions about the differences in cultures often come up during dating, but more serious plans should be made on how they will merge their beliefs together. Russian and Ukrainian churches and community centers can be found in many foreign towns and men should seek them out ahead of time so their new wives can experience a piece of home nearby in their new world.


Family Frustrations

Another hurdle of multicultural marriages is getting approval from family and friends. Online dating, especially internationally, is still considered weird in some communities and both partners can be concerned that they will be shunned for searching for soul mates this way. The negative stigma that still surrounds “mail order brides” is one reason that international dating hasn’t fully been accepted yet, but members need to remain confident that the outcome outweighs the potential ostracizing. If couples remain open about their relationships and tell family and friends about their experiences right away, then everyone should have an easier time adjusting to this unique way of dating.


While all marriages need hearty helpings of hard work to make them last, multicultural marriages need just a little bit more, and an extra helping of patience. Some critics say these the challenges of this type of relationship are just too much to handle, but statistics have proven that these partners succeed more often than traditional unions. Some say it’s because so much devotion and sacrifice is put into the search for the perfect soul mate that once they find each other, there is nothing that can possibly tear them apart.


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