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How to Start a Conversation with a Hot Russian Bride

26. February 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Marbeja Ukrainian BrideIt can be hard to know how to start a conversation with a Ukrainian lady on Hot Russian Brides. After all, you are on different continents, in different cultures and speak different languages. But, thousands of international couples have found common ground and gone on to have successful romances with one another.


The secret is to find the areas of common experience and interest that you have, and take personal interest in one another to learn about all the things that are different, that make each one of you unique. It can all start with a warm and friendly conversation. Not sure what to talk about? Start with one of these topics:


Ask Her about Something She Mentions on Her Profile

You have read her profile and not just looked at the pictures, right? The things that she has to say about her interests, hobbies and what she wants from the future are the most important part. Look for things that intrigue you, and ask more about them. For instance, if she says that she likes to travel, ask her where she has gone on her trips, and what she likes to do when she goes on vacation.


Ukrainian Lady MarbejaAsk Her What She Does for Fun

Does she enjoy sports? Is her favorite thing relaxing at a café with a coffee? Find out how she spends the hours that she has to herself. This opens up a chance for you to share your pastimes, as well.


When you start talking about her hobbies, ask questions that are open-ended. Yes or no questions can keep a conversation from flowing. A good conversation involves a give and take. Ask a question, listen carefully to the answer, then volunteer something about yourself.


Ask Her about Her Job or School

If she is a student, what is her area of study? Ask her what she likes about it. If she works, ask about the things that she does at her job. Share a few details about your daily workday as well. For instance, if she mentions that she works in an office and commutes by train, tell her a bit about how your morning starts. You can find that the two of you have a lot in common, despite being far apart.


Compliment Her

Do you like the way she talks about her family? Does she have a great smile? Does what she does for a living sound interesting? Break the ice by letting her know. A sincere compliment can make her feel comfortable and happy talking to you. It’s good to pick some quality you like about her besides her looks. Ukrainian ladies are gorgeous and put a lot of work into their appearances, but, it can get old when that is the only thing that someone seems to notice about you. And, never make sexual comments to a lady who you don’t know well; a lot of ladies find that off-putting.



Share Stories

Did you know that research shows that we connect emotionally to stories far more than we do to facts of figures? Instead of just mentioning that you like football, tell a quick story about the last football game you went to. Don’t send a wall of text, obviously. But, give her enough detail to learn a bit more about you. As you get to know more about one another, an intimate relationship can grow.


When telling her about yourself, keep in mind cultural and language differences. Avoid slang, as it often does not translate well. Use complete sentences so that your meaning is clear to someone who does not have a firm grasp of your language. If she has questions or needs clarification on details, explain patiently. Getting to know one another’s culture can take some time.


Be Cautious of Rapid-Fire Questions

While you absolutely should ask her about herself and her life, don’t fall into the trap of asking one question after another. This can make her feel like she’s being interviewed for a job instead of forming a pleasant relationship. Alternate questions with remarks about your own life, or about what she has said to you. This gives conversation a more pleasant, more natural flow.


Be a Good Listener

This applies in emails, as well, when “listening” actually means reading carefully and thoughtfully. Look at the areas where she seems to show the most enthusiasm. Does she talk in detail about her family or her pets? That’s a sign that they are important to her. Ask her to share a bit more, or tell some anecdotes about the people who are important to you.


Most of all, keep in mind that courtship is meant to be fun. Go about courting her by showing genuine interest in her as a person, and get the time to know her better while sharing of yourself. This makes every part, from that first tentative email, to waiting to hear back, to moving on to those first in-person meetings and beyond an enjoyable part of making a life together.