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How to Take a Great Profile Picture

27. October 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

Many of our ladies take the time, effort and expense to get professional photos for HotRussianBrides.com. They want to look their gorgeous best for you! So what about your profile picture? We’re not suggesting you put on make-up, but you should put your best face forward. Here’s how:


Get the picture?

For Bronze level members, the Profile photo is the only glimpse the ladies will get of you. You can post more pictures with a Silver, Gold or Platinum membership, but the profile shot creates that important first impression.


Guys stress over their Profile photos. Because so many of our ladies are drop-dead gorgeous, smart and accomplished, it kicks up the insecurity factor a few hundred notches. Remember, men are much more appearance-oriented than women are.

So don’t even think about using that great picture from ten years ago. Just take a new one using these tips from the experts.


Ready for that close-up?

Get out your razor or trimmer. Use them! Get to the stylist or grab a comb. Brush your teeth. Use eye drops if you need to. Unless you have a shutter-delay setting on your camera, get a photographer or friend with a good eye to snap you instead of doing it yourself: Your arm is not long enough to get the most flattering shot.


Step outside

No one looks their best with amateur flash photography; it washes you out, flattens your features and causes red-eye. Think mug shot! If you must use a flash, hold a piece of tracing paper over it to soften it up a bit. Shoot outdoors if possible. Avoid full sun, as it will wash you out, make you squint or create a raccoon look if your eyes are deep-set. Bright light behind you can create a silhouette. Best: natural light. Think morning or afternoon sun, an overcast day or window-light.


How to pose

A picture of your head or waist-up works well for a Profile photo, because women tend to focus on faces first. Just watch your distance: too close and it’ll look like your work ID badge; too far away and you’ll look like you’re trying to hide some ghastly feature. If you really want a full-body shot as your Profile picture, make sure your face is clearly visible. Experiment with angles, such as turning your head slightly away from the camera while looking into the lens.


Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed man

Totally unsure of what to wear? Consider a button-down or polo shirt, with or without a jacket. Corporate always looks confident. But be true to yourself: If you’re a jeans and t-shirts guy, or really identify with your profession, show yourself that way. Just don’t wear anything stained, torn, too tight or inappropriate (like a shirt with an obscene logo). And we can never remind you often enough: Skip the shirtless look and so-called wife-beater undershirt. Both look tacky.


The most important tip of all

Most people look stiff in pictures because a camera is a machine. Who wants to smile at a machine? Think about the most wonderful person in your life or the prettiest woman you’ve seen on HotRussianBrides.com. Pretend the lens is her eyes and give her your warmest smile. Or think of something hilarious just before the shutter clicks to create a genuine smile. Hate your grin? Smile with your eyes!


So, armed with knowledge from the pros, you can snap away with confidence, and post or change your Profile on HotRussianBrides.com soon!