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How to Write Better Emails to Beautiful Russian Brides

23. April 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Sexy Hot Russian Brides

On any online dating site, your primary tool to contact and make a connection will be email correspondence.  This is usually the very first contact you have with a Russian or Ukrainian lady and it is also where you make your first impression. 


Despite this reality, many members (both male and female) make poor use of this highly effective communication device!  Even if you are not a literary genius or you have difficulty expressing yourself through writing, you can still compose interesting and informative emails that get the attention of sexy Russian women.  Follow the tips below to transform your emails and stand out from the crowd:               


Catch Her Attention

The subject of your email is the very first thing a Russian woman will see when she opens her inbox, so why on Earth would you write something mundane here?  Most guys will write “Hi” or “Let’s talk!” here.  You can do better.  Write something that stands out and grabs her attention.  If you use humor, flattery or wit, she’ll be thrilled about reading the rest of your letter!           


Leave Her Wanting More

While you do have up to 3800 characters to use when composing a letter, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should use all of it.  Sometimes, it is better to be brief.  First, an overly verbose letter may lose her attention, especially if you’re not particularly gifted at writing or her English skills are undeveloped.  Second, keep in mind that most of the Russian women on our site do not own their own computer and therefore must schedule time at the agency or an internet café to check her email.  If she has limited free time, she may choose to skim over your long letter, or skip it entirely, in the interest of getting more done faster.  Third, you don’t want to disclose your whole life story in one shot; pick two or three things you feel are VITAL to know about you, ask her a couple questions and leave it at that.  Pique her interest, but save something to talk about in your next email to her.


Watch Your Attitude

Who would you rather reply to?  The Russian woman who says “I doubt this online dating thing will work and I know you’ll never want to write back to me, but I thought I’d try anyway…” or the one who says “I saw your profile and I am really impressed!  I think we have a lot in common, write me back!”  If the first impression you make is that you’re a negative person who isn’t very enthusiastic about meeting someone new, you’re likely to scare away women who might otherwise have liked you very much.  Be positive, confident and excited in your letters and your Russian bride is sure to enjoy reading them!


Topics to Avoid

There are some topics you should just leave alone until you get to know each other better (if ever).  Conversations about finances, ex-wives and girlfriends or your crazy college days are all taboo.  Try to avoid topics that will paint you in a negative light if you’re just starting to correspond.  She’ll have plenty of time to learn your faults; right now you want to win her over with your strengths and talents.  Politics and religion can be a dry topic unless you’re both very passionate about these beliefs, even if you agree with each other.  Crude jokes, bathroom humor and explicit sexual material are big no-nos.  Instead, talk about each other’s interests and hobbies, where you grew up, your plans for the future, etc.  Focus on subjects that will cultivate your relationship and reveal whether or not you are compatible with one another.