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How to Write an Effective Introduction Email

13. October 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

An introduction email is the first email a gentleman sends a lady and ideally one in which he expresses interest, briefly introduces himself, and invites the lady to write back or meet him in chat. Though the process seems simple enough, many members of HotRussianBrides struggle to write introduction letters that attract that attention of Russian women and leave them wanting more. Here are a few tips to help gentlemen write a quality introduction letter that gets results.


Keep It Short and Simple

Many gentlemen make the mistake of sharing their life story in the first email. While a lady may be interested in your childhood, career, past relationships, children, and pets, she doesn’t need to know everything all at once. Not only does immediately sharing every detail of your life leave you with nothing to talk about later, but a huge block of text is intimidating, especially to non-English speakers. Many ladies will skip over lengthy introduction letters rather than sift through enormous blocks of text.

Write Something Like This: Hi Olga, I’m Andrew. I was looking at your profile and noticed we’re both big dog lovers. I have a Dalmatian named Rocky who has been in my family for years (picture attached). I’d love to chat sometime.

Not Something Like This: I was born in 1967 in Charleston, South Carolina. I have a brother named Paul and a sister named Michelle. I lived up in the Carolina Low Country until the age of 18, when I then entered the military and traveled the world as an Army medic, etc., etc., etc.


Be Positive

A surprising number of men on HotRussianBrides are overwhelmingly negative in their introduction emails. This is a big mistake. Women (and men), Russian or otherwise, just aren’t attracted to people who whine, complain, or are generally full of gloom and doom. Though we know life isn’t all sunshine and double rainbows, try to stay positive, at least in the first few emails.

Write Something Like This: I’ve never tried Russian dating, but it sounded intriguing so I decided to give it a shot. I figure at the very least, I’ll get to meet a lot of beautiful and interesting women.

Not Something Like This: I doubt this Russian dating thing will work, but I haven’t had luck anywhere else. I want a real woman, not Russian scammers or game players. The men on forums say you’re all scammers. I’ll call Interpol and have this site shut down if you try to scam me.


Be Appropriate

Though some ladies may be open to sexy emails, there is a time and place for naughty niceties and the introduction letter is not it. Not only do the Terms of Use prohibit “language of a pornographic or sexually explicit nature,” but vulgarity is a huge turn off for Russian women. Get to know a lady before getting sexual.  

Write Something Like This: You look beautiful in your profile photos. I love your smile.

Not Something Like This: Nice (expletive). I want to take you to my room and (expletive) (expletive) (expletive).  I’ve attached a photo of my (expletive). I can’t wait to hear from you, baby!

In short, effective introduction emails are those that are respectful and appropriate, upbeat and positive, short and to the point. If you haven’t had much luck with your intro letters, try putting these tips to use and see what happens.