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I’m Shy. Is There a Russian Bride for Me?

21. September 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Some members of Hot Russian Brides are a bit (or a lot) on the shy side and worry that their bashful nature will prevent them from a finding a match. However, it doesn’t have to. Here are three things shy guys should keep in mind about Russian women and Russian dating.

First, online dating is great for shy men as it eliminates the anxiety that comes with chatting face-to-face. Unlike meeting women in bars and nightclubs, HRB gives men the chance to meet beautiful women in safe and secure environment. There’s no pressure to get a lady’s phone number or impress a woman in front of her friends.  

However, it’s still important for men to step outside their social comfort zone from time to time. Much like shy gentlemen avoid approaching women in a bar, many men avoid approaching women on HRB in fear of being rejected or ignored. The men instead chat with women who make the first move, even if these ladies aren’t the best match. Men who wish to overcome their shyness and find a great match must be willing to take risks.

Often, shyness stems from insecurity so it’s also helpful to try and banish your self doubts and keep a positive attitude. While on HRB, think about the qualities you have to offer a woman, rather than obsess over your flaws. Focusing on your good traits, rather than your bad, can help you feel more confident and attractive.

Being shy doesn’t mean the end of your Russian dating ambitions. If you make a sincere effort to step outside your comfort zone and focus on the good, rather than the bad, you have a great shot at finding a match on HRB.