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I Reported a Lady as a Scammer! Why Is She Still on the Site?

12. May 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

At times, gentlemen will contact HotRussianBrides with concerns about a lady and become upset when we don’t delete her profile right away. Other men will report seeing ladies on so-called scammer websites and wonder why don’t immediately remove the women from HRB. So why do we allow these ladies to remain on the site?

The answer is simple. There are two sides to every story and we must consider both points of view if we wish to be fair (which we do!). Unless there is proof, real proof, of a lady’s wrongdoing we will not remove her from HotRussianBrides. We simply cannot delete a profile based on an unverified claims or subjective complaints like “She’s not sincere!”

Many complaints are based on reports found on scammer websites which is unfortunate because the authors of such reports are almost always anonymous. Though we always investigate member complaints, it would be unfair of us to ban a lady from HRB because an unknown man (or woman) posted a nasty review. If we deleted the ladies listed on Russian scammer listings than we’d also have to have to delete the men listed on Western scammer listings (and they do exist). How would you feel if we deleted your profile because an unknown woman said you were up to no good?

HotRussianBrides is committed to eliminating Russian scammers, but only in a way that is fair and objective.