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I Saw a Woman’s Picture on Another Site! Is She a Scammer?

25. July 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

At times, you might see a woman from HRB pictured on another site. However, don’t panic. It doesn’t mean the lady is a scammer. Here are a few things to keep in mind about Russian women’s photos.


She May Belong to More Than One Service

Seeing a photo of a lady on another site doesn’t mean the woman is a scammer. Some women simply sign up for more than one dating service and use the same photos in both profiles. At times, however, an unscrupulous site may steal a photo of a lady and try to pass her off as a member. If you see a picture of lady that doesn’t seem legitimate, please let us know so that we may investigate the matter.

Do keep in mind that while a woman may be pictured elsewhere, we can only vouch for the validity of our site. We word hard to ensure that the ladieson HRB are real women looking for love and that members’ info stays secure. Sadly, most dating sites don’t offer the same level of protection. Therefore, we can’t be held responsible for the alleged actions of a woman on another site, even if she is also a member of HRB. After all, her photo may be stolen or her profile compromised.


She May Be Featured on a Pictorial Site

You may also see women from HRB pictured on popular men’s sites. That is, sites that cruise the web for pictures of hot women to share with viewers. For example, The Chive regularly uses photos from Hot Russian Brides (at times uncredited and without our knowledge), inviting viewers to “order a bride” and “add to cart.” While the pics are meant in good fun, they can give viewers the wrong impression about Russian dating. Once a popular site like The Chive runs a pictorial, lesser known blogs will often repost the images and the ladies’ photos can end up on numerous websites. Pay no mind to the "mail order bride" jokes.

There are many reasons a woman's picture may appear outside of HRB, but very few make her a scammer. If in doubt, talk to the lady or call us and up to express your concerns.