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I Want to Send A Gift. Will My Russian Lady Really Receive It?

2. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you may be considering some special gifts to send your favorite Russian ladies. HotRussianBrides makes it easy and secure to send something to show you care via the Gift Shop. But how will you know for sure that your lucky lady receives her present?


Worries About the Gifts

Skeptics of Russian dating sites have spread rumors that the gifts available for purchase on HotRussianBrides are fakes. They’ve heard that women receive a commission percentage based on the value of the gifts. This is just another rumor about Russian brides. There are several reasons why men think this, but these Russian beauties are not receiving payments or commissions from HotRussianBrides or the Russian agencies to participate in this unique dating experience. They are here for the same reason you are, to find a love match, and possibly a life partner.


A Variety to Choose From

These gifts are real and you will enjoy choosing which one would be best for your favorite lady. Have you gotten to know her enough to figure out which type of gift she would like best? You could take the traditional route and send flowers, candy, or stuffed animals. These gift ideas are always classics. Maybe you’ve made a strong love connection already and really want to express your romantic side by sending jewelry or perfume. There is a large selection of styles and fragrances available. If you plan on visiting your Russian lady and want to communicate easier, you can send her English lessons as a gift. All of these options and more are available at the Gift Shop. No matter which you choose, your lucky lady will be very appreciative.


See Her Receive It

You’ve selected the perfect gift and are waiting for the delivery. The best part about giving a gift is seeing the reaction from your gift recipient, right? With the live video streaming feature, you can actually see your Russian lady receive her gift! Communicate with her to make sure she can be available and online in the next few days, since it can take 3-7 days for your gift to be delivered. Then tell her you would love to see her receiving your gift so she can coordinate it with her agency’s assistance.


Sending a Russian lady a gift is your choice and should never be requested by the lady. Ladies asking for gifts is strictly against the guidelines so please report any incidents. This gift giving feature is just another great way for gentlemen members to virtually date Russian women on HotRussianBrides.com.