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I saw one of these Single Russian ladies on another site! Is this a scam?

15. June 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

There are several situations in which a lady from our Russian Dating Service may appear on another site. In many cases it may be perfectly legitimate – While we recommend sticking with one service at a time to make sure you can focus your search properly, we don’t stop any of the ladies or gentlemen on our site from trying other services if this is what they wish to do. 

In some cases though, you may see the pictures of a lady appearing in a non-legitimate way. Some of the less scrupulous sites out there are quite happy to steal pictures of young Russian ladies from legitimate sites like us in an attempt to pass them off as a member of their service. This is one of the most basic and common Russian dating scams out there and one that we work hard to combat. If you see a picture of one of our ladies listed on another site and you don’t believe this to be legitimate, please contact us at Customer Service so that we can investigate.

So if you see a lady listed on another site, it is possible that it could be legitimate, but at HotRussianBrides.com we can only vouch for the validity of our own site. We work hard and implement measures such as our Video Validation and our Web Cams so that users can be assured that we have taken every reasonable precaution with regard to a lady’s identity and that we help protect our members from Mail Order Bride scams. If you’re not sure if another site offers features like this or you just feel a little uneasy, it’s better just to communicate on a site like ours which takes these precautions.