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I’m getting ready to submit an Intimacy Request – What should I know?

12. January 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

After becoming qualified on our site, members have the ability to send Intimacy Requests to any of the stunning Ukrainian Brides who use our site, but it’s always a good idea to keep a few things in mind.

How close am I with this lady?

While relationships can easily happen quickly and often seem to come out of nowhere, it’s easy to get the wrong impression if things go well right off the bat. Sending an intimacy request after only a few emails or a short chat conversation could be off-putting to a Russian lady and even damage a potent relationship. Make sure the Russian or Ukrainian woman you are corresponding with is comfortable with exchanging contact information with you. The easiest way to do this is to simply ask her. If she says “Not Yet”, give her time, but if she says “Yes”, then you should be just fine.

Do we both expect the same things?

This is an extremely important thing to find out. You need to adequately communicate your expectations to your Russian bride before submitting an intimacy request to her. Say if you want to trade phone numbers, but the lady only wants to trade emails, or if you want to exchange information right now, but she wants to give it a month or so – or even meet you first. These are things that you and your Russian lady need to discuss. What information do you want to exchange? When do you want to exchange it? Do both you and the lady understand each other and agree on what to do?

Meeting Russian and Ukrainian brides

One of the most important recommendations we can make when sending Intimacy Requests is to be absolutely upfront and communicative about any trip plans you wish to make. While it may seem spontaneous and romantic to hop a plane and travel to Ukraine without a word of warning to anyone to “surprise” your lady, these types of visits frequently backfire. If you decide to just show up on your lady’s doorstep one day, you may find yourself stuck. Russian and Ukrainian women may very well have school, work, family or life commitments that they can’t cancel, no matter how much they want to, our Russian dating agencies may have trouble setting up services such as hotels, transportation, interpreters and other amenities at such short notice and you could find yourself largely on your own in an unfamiliar city for long periods of time. It is ALWAYS a good idea to set up, schedule and correspond with your lady so she knows what days to set aside from her responsibilities and provide our agencies with at least a month’s notice so they can put together an Introduction Package for you.