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I’m having trouble logging into my Russian Dating account!

25. May 2010 by Gregg 0 Comments

If you cannot log into your Russian Dating account, please be sure to note the error message that you receive. This can often tell you the reason why you may not be able to enter the site.

Oftentimes, the issue at hand is a problem with the username or password. If you are attempting to enter the site and communicate with Russian mail order brides and are receiving an error such as “The credentials you provided are invalid”, this usually means that either the username or password has issues. Make sure that you enter it in EXACTLY as you set it up. This includes the exact case and capitals. If you don’t remember or you aren’t sure about the username or password, simply click “I need a username/password reminder” below the login fields on the home page and the next screen will allow you to enter in your email address and have your credentials delivered.

If you are receive an error code, such as “-3” or “-4” when you attempt to log into our International matchmaking service, that code could be related to a setting inside of your browser. Our site uses cookies – tiny text documents that allow your browser to communicate with our service – to operate (most websites that have a “log in” feature use these and many sites that do not have a log in feature also tend to use them to remember your site preferences). Occasionally issues can arise regarding these files, so it’s important to clear them out every once in a while. This can cause problems when you are logging into the site, including these error codes. Please make sure that all pop-up blockers are disabled and then try the steps below:

1) Go to the top of your internet browser and click on the option called “tools”.

2) Select “Internet Options” from the drop down menu.

3) The first page of the window that appears will be titled “General”.  Scroll down to “delete cookies” and “delete files”.  Make sure that you click on both of these options.

4) Click on the “Settings” tab next to the other buttons.  

5) Underneath the title “Check for newer version of stored pages” make sure that the option “every visit to the page” is highlighted.

6) Click “Ok”.

7) Go back to the top of the window and click on the 3rd tab to the left titled “privacy”.

8) Once in the Privacy menu, you will be presented with three buttons, one of which is “advanced”, click this. 

9) Ensure that “Always allow session cookies” is highlighted, as well as “allow 3rd party cookies”.

If you receive the message that “This Service is Not Currently Available in your area”, you may wish to contact us at HotRussianBrides.com Customer Service. You may currently be trying to log in within an area of the world we cannot provide service to for a variety of reasons. If you feel there’s some mistake, definitely contact us and we can investigate.

Finally, if you are trying to log in and chat with Russian Single ladies, but the site informs you that “Your Account has been administratively locked”, this means that your account has been temporarily deactivated. There are many reasons why this may have happened, more than likely we have been trying to contact you via the email address you registered on your account for some sort of administrative issue but have not received any response. If you receive this, be sure to check your email inbox or contact us at Customer Service and we will be happy to look into it for you.