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Infatuation is Easy. Relationships are Hard.

9. August 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

If you are like me, you find it easy to “fall in love” with a beautiful woman. You can look at a gorgeous lady and immediately see yourself by her side, as the knight in shining armor she has been looking for all her life. As a member of HotRussianBrides.com, you can attest to the intoxicating beauty of the ladies on our site. A quick browse through our photo galleries is proof positive enough that your infatuation sensors will be going into overdrive.

However, many men run out of steam when it comes to bringing that infatuation to fruition in the form of a relationship. Let’s face it, relationships are hard. And long-distance, online-based ones are tougher, when there is no effort or commitment. While it is possible to find love on HotRussianBrides.com, many men give up too early and don’t let the seeds of infatuation grow into a relationship.

Infatuation is easy. Obsession is an emotion that most men are comfortable with. I am not talking about creepy, stalker obsession, but the schoolboy, daydreaming type that makes you want to be her everything. The bad thing about infatuation is that it fades when the first interaction with the object of your desire doesn’t go how you dreamed it would. This can lead to you feeling let down, and sometimes rejected and undeserving. Setting unrealistic expectations is the biggest issue with online dating.

Relationships take work, communication, patience and understanding. Believe me, online dating is not for everyone. It’s only for gentlemen, who have a sense of dedication, commitment and adventure. Setting the right expectations will help you feel more fulfilled and effective when seeking love on any online dating site. In order to take a virtual courtship to the physical world, especially an international one, you must be sure about it.

Before you become a keyboard Romeo, ask yourself if you are ready to keep your emotions in check, while interacting with gorgeous women. Men can easily lose their heads when receiving so much attention from such attractive females. Can you keep it together long enough to let a relationship bloom? It’s OK to become obsessed with a lady’s outer beauty, but don’t mistake the eye candy for real nourishment. She must be right for you for it to work.

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