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Interested in Russian Women Photographers?

29. August 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Many singles are passionate about photography and would love to meet someone who shares their enthusiasm for taking a great picture. If you’re interested in photography, be it on a professional or amateur level, here are 10 Russian women photographers you might like to chat up.

VikaBeauty, 19, Pavlogradt
“I am a creative, active, sociable and positive girl with a good sense of humor.”


Oksssy, 29, Kherson

“My soul mate has not to be an ideal prince, but just a simple man who appreciates family values.”

YummyJulia, 29, Odessa
“I wish to meet a man who will be kind, caring, all-sufficient, confident with good sense of humor and successful career.”

OneSpecial, 26, Kiev
“I adore photography, art, books, interesting movies, hiking, picnics.”

DianaRose, 32, Kherson
“I am a fun-loving and passionate person. I am a hopeless romantic. I am also very emotional, and sometimes I think with my heart and not with my head.”

Dariee, 27, Nikolaev
“I love my job but I still feel that career is not everything I need. I do not have my soul mate.”

SunnyLina, 22, Kiev

“I’m very independent and really fond of achieving my goals.”

Maldivia, 24, Sevastopol
“I am educated, intelligent, and have many interests in life and hobbies.”


SvetaTwinkle, 24, Sevastopol

"I'm a very caring, sincere person who is eager to find her only one."


FabulousJ81, 20, Kherson

"I'm generous. I do not mind to give. I look at the world positively."