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International Matchmaking Services: Once a Taboo Always a Taboo?

30. June 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

It’s no secret that international matchmaking services are considered taboo. However, who remembers that domestic matchmaking services were once considered taboo as well? Believe it or not, there was a time when society frowned upon online dating in any form, but those days have come and gone. So will the international matchmaking industry also enjoy widespread acceptance?


The Taboo Days of Domestic Dating Sites

Think back to the ‘90s and the rising popularity of the Internet. Online chat was exciting and new and people from around the world connected in ways that weren’t previously possible. Men and women met online and developed relationships. A few even went on to wed. Unlike today, however, society tended to view such couples as shocking or strange. It wasn’t uncommon to see these lovers on daytime talk shows, sharing their story with curious (and often judgmental) audiences.

Over the years, society’s views changed and online dating ceased to be a taboo. In fact, it’s common and widely accepted. Who doesn’t know someone who has a profile on one the many domestic dating sites out there? Unfortunately, international matchmaking sites have not enjoyed the same reception as their domestic counterparts.


Why are International Matchmaking Sites Still Taboo?

Most people are suspicious of international matchmaking sites because of the negative stereotypes that plague the industry. The most common stereotypes are as follows.

•    Men who use international matchmaking sites want “subservient” women or “sex slaves.”
•    The women on the sites are desperate to leave their home country and are only after a green card.
•    The women are scammers who want money and gifts, not love and romance.
•    The men on international dating sites are weird and can’t get a woman in their home country.
•    The women are prostitutes that can be purchased for the right price


What to Do

If you face criticism from your family or friends for using an international matchmaking service, educate them about it! Let them know that you aren’t picking a woman from a catalog and having her shipped to your door. Assure them that there are no “sex slaves” or prostitutes on HotRussianBrides.com. Explain that many women in Russia seek foreign husbands, not because they want money and a green card, but because they want a man with traditional family values. The more people know about international matchmaking sites like HotRussianBrides, the more they are likely to accept the international dating industry as a whole. Perhaps one day international dating sites will enjoy the same measure of acceptance as domestic dating services.