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International Women's Day Celebrations Around the World

8. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

March 8th is International Women's Day!

Don’t forget that today is International Women’s Day so make sure to thank and congratulate the special ladies in your lives... including your favorite Russian brides! This year’s theme chosen by the United Nations is “Equal rights, equal opportunities, progress for all” and many special events are planned across the globe.


  • In Washington D.C., President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will attend a reception at the White House, honoring women from around the world and their achievements. Also, the "Join Me on the Bridge" event is a midday march across the Arlington Memorial Bridge including women from Rwanda and the Congo, symbolizing their efforts towards building bridges towards peace and development in their countries. People all over the U.S. will go to see a documentary shown at over 450 theaters. A Powerful Noise showcases the lives of 3 women crusaders who struggle to change lives in their communities. 


  • The Kyiv Zoo in Ukraine invites men to bring the special ladies in their lives for an affectionate afternoon with the animals. Any gentleman who purchases a ticket can bring his lady guest for free.


  • In Italy, many museums and attractions in Venice, Rome, and Florence are offering free or reduced admissions to ladies for Women’s Day.


  • In Bangalore, India yesterday, over 800 participants enjoyed 5K and 10K marathons to benefit a charity that funds education. Organizers of the event wanted to help promote fitness and healthy living for both men and women.


  • In the Netherlands, Amsterdam is hosting several special events such as Skating for Women’s Rights, the Women in Paradise Festival, and the Women’s Walking Festival.


  • Australia has over 90 organized events, including charity walks, special breakfasts, and plenty of other fundraising, arts, educational, and entertaining events.


  • The United Kingdom is celebrating with multiple walks and sports activities, arts festivals, and forums with women speakers. TV networks will broadcast various programs highlighting local and international women’s issues.


  • The Peng Hao Theatre in Beijing, China has been promoting the works of new generation females who are making progressive achievements in the male dominated film industry.


  • The UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France is hosting round tables, exhibitions, concerts, and films, all highlighting issues linked with women’s empowerment and the promotion of gender equality.


  • The Governor General of Canada, Michaelle Jean, traveled to the Republic of Haiti and took part in a gathering where 2,000 women joined together for a short rest from their reconstruction efforts while listening to a comforting and empowering speech.


While you’re chatting today, ask your Russian and Ukrainian ladies what special events took place in their towns. Showing them that you are interested in their lives and cultures will surely impress them and demonstrate that you are a true gentleman.