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Intro-Videos Educate and Entertain

27. March 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Have you watched an Intro-Video™ lately? Intro-Videos, also known as Introduction or Profile Videos, are a great way for members to learn more about the women of HRB and have fun doing it! Here’s a brief guide to this exciting feature.


There’s no such thing as a standard Intro-Video; the videos are as unique and varied as the women themselves. In one Intro, a woman might demonstrate a special interest or hobby or give a tour of her hometown. In other video, a lady might talk about what she’s looking for in man or why she’s decided to search for love abroad. The ladies’ Intro-Videos are full of surprises!


How to Watch an Intro-Video

Viewing a woman’s video is a snap. Simply click the blinking “View My Intro” button at the top of a lady’s profile. If the button isn’t there, the lady hasn’t uploaded an Intro-Video. If you want to find women who have uploaded videos, head to the Advanced Search page and click Yes beside the Has Intro. Video option at the bottom of the form. You can also choose from the women pictured above or below. To view a lady’s video, click on her photo to visit her profile. 





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