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Introduce Yourself In Her Language

1. March 2010 by Kari 0 Comments

If you use these few Russian phrases in your introduction email, your potential Russian lady friend will likely be impressed. Please see the table below to get you started.


Myenya zovut My name is
Ochyen’ priyatno Nice to meet you
Kak vas zovut? What is your name? (Formal Request of asking for a name.)
Kak tyebya zovut? What do they call you? (Informal Request of asking for a name.)
Iz kakogo ty goroda? What city are you from?
Ya iz Ameriki I am American


Why will she be impressed if I learn only a few phrases?

By taking the time to learn a few phrases in the Russian language, you are letting her know that you are interested in both her and her culture. Since a women usually recognizes when a gentlemen takes the time and effort to do something nice for her, she is often times impressed.

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget to add a note with your email that says something along the lines of, “Although I am not a native Russian speaker, I wanted to take the time to learn a few basic phrases in your language.