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Introducing Your Russian Bride to Family and Friends

4. January 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Once you have found the Russian woman of your dreams you’ll undoubtedly want to introduce her to your family and friends. Here are a few tips to help the introductions go as smoothly as possible.

Address the Myths

If at all possible, talk to your family and friends before the meeting to address common myths about Russian dating. Though they may be too polite to say anything, it’s likely that many of your acquaintances believe you’ve somehow purchased a woman for marriage or that your new bride is a manipulative gold digger who will divorce you the first chance she gets. These mistaken beliefs can lead to an awkward meeting so politely educate your friends about common myths before introducing your bride and encourage them to ask questions about your new relationship. You’d be surprised about how many people are open to international dating once they realize that none of the myths are true.

Talk to Your Children

If you have children, talk to them about your new wife before she moves in to let them know what to expect. Try to prepare them for any difficulties that may arise, such as language barriers or unfamiliar customs. If your bride is bringing children of her own, talk to your kids about the situation and assure them they aren’t being replaced. Don’t hesitate to talk to adult children as well (particularly daughters). Open and honest communication can help smooth the transition process for everyone involved.

Help With Communication

Even if your bride is adept in English, she may feel insecure about carrying on a conversation with your family and friends. To help her feel more comfortable, teach her common slang and colloquialisms and encourage her to practice making small talk. You may even want to consider purchasing English lessons so she’ll be more prepared once she arrives. It’s also important to brief your wife about conversation customs she may not be aware of, such as the fact that strangers in the United States regularly smile at one another to appear friendly (something that isn’t done in Russia).

Good luck during this exciting time in your life!


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