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Irresistible Irinas (Pics!)

13. May 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Gorgeous Ukrainian woman, IrishaBless

Since there were so many saints that Russian name days were originally created for, some of the same names are celebrated on several different dates throughout the year. Although we just honored some gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian girls named Irina two weeks ago, these ladies get to party again for their May 14th name day.


Here are some different Irinas that we didn't feature in the last "Happy Name Day Irina" pictorial. Click on these pics to see more stunning photos and learn interesting facts about them in their profiles.


This is a very popular Russian name so new Irinas are signing up to HotRussianBrides.com every day! Say hello to these ladies, or find some to celebrate on your own.


Romantic Russian bride, CrystalIra

Sexy Ukrainian single, GaIrina

Pretty lady from Nikolaev, -SecretAgent

Gorgeous Ukrainian girl, IrinaRing

Sporty Russian bride, Irina8515

Sexy Ukrainian girl, Irina1506

Beautiful Ukrainian woman, IraSunshin95