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Is Ekaterina Ivanova Russian Bride Material for Rolling Stone?

28. September 2009 by James 0 Comments

Ekaterina Ivanova: Hot Russian Bride Material?Don’t count out the love of legendary Rolling Stone guitarist Ronnie Wood and his Russian girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanona  just yet. Contrary to recent rumors of a break up, photos in the Sunday Mirror showed the two very much in love, hugging and kissing in public while strolling in London.


This May-December romance is heating up the autumn air. British newspapers report that the 62-year-old rocker and his 20-year-old Russian lover have moved into a new apartment near the mansion where Wood’s ex-wife resides.


Just last week, the British press reported Woods and Ivanona were on the skids after he informed her of his plan to dine alone with his ex-wife and daughters. According to the Daily Mail, neighbors claimed the two had a huge fight, were heard screaming at each other, and Wood threw Ivanova's belongings off the balcony of their apartment onto the street after an all-night party the previous day. Some tabloids reported rumors that Wood’s was going back to his ex-wife, but in the end the two worked things out and are still very much in love.