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Is HotRussianBrides For Real?

1. June 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Some men believe that Russian dating websites like HotRussianBrides.com are equivalent to adult hotlines or chat rooms, fine for flirtatious fun but not a good place to find a long-term match. However, this just isn’t true. Many couples have met and married thanks to HotRussianBrides, with more singles connecting every day. 

One common misconception about dating websites, Russian dating sites in particular, is that paying members are guaranteed to find a match and if they do not then the site must be some sort of scam. However, no site could possibly guarantee love for all its members as there are simply too many circumstances beyond its control. 

Whether or not a man is successful on HotRussianBrides.com depends on a combination of luck, timing, and skill. In other words, to meet and marry a lady from our site a gentleman must be lucky enough to find a lady with whom he shares a mutual attraction and then possess the skills necessary to successfully court her. Not only that, but both parties must be willing and able to make a lifelong commitment. These are factors over which we have little to no control, making it is impossible for HotRussianBrides to make any sort of guarantee. Does this mean the site is a scam? Of course not. If anything, guaranteeing that members will find love would be a scam. 

While no dating website can issue a love guarantee, members who make an honest effort to be charming and polite have a decent shot at attracting a long-term match on HotRussianBrides.com. Check out our Testimonials and Featured Couples pages to see real-life couples who found love thanks to our site.