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Is HotRussianBrides.com a Legitimate Dating Site? 3 Common Questions

9. April 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

As more and more people become comfortable with online dating, single men are turning to International dating sites, like HotRussianBrides.com, to look for something different. Many first time visitors, however, have the same questions about our site and the ladies seeking romance through our site.

Is HotRussianBrides.com a Legitimate Dating Site?

HotRussianBrides.com has been connecting open-minded bachelors with the women of their dreams for over 6 years. We operate a legitimate dating site and do everything in our power to keep the site scammer-free. Our validation process for the ladies is unmatched by any other dating Website. Not only do we verify each lady’s identity, but we ask them to abide by the site’s rules to not ask for gifts, money and to be honest in their pursuit of a soul mate. No other dating Website goes the distance to try and make sure that every female member is a real person and really looking for some type of romantic relationship.

How does HotRussianBrides.com work?

First, a gentleman joins the site, fills out his profile and begins communicating with any number of ladies on the site. After some time, the gentleman will usually find a handful of ladies he feels he has a connection with. This connection is discovered by sending probing emails, participating in video chat and putting in the time to get to know the person (like in any other relationship). Once a member becomes eligible, then he can initiate the process to exchange contact information with the ladies. Read our Strategy for Success blog post to know what to expect from the process and how to maximize your results.

Why are all the photos professionally done?

While many of the ladies do have professionally-taken photos, not all do. In fact, many of the men have them as well. The reason for this is that the local dating agencies the ladies use to access HotRussianBrides.com have relationships with local photographers who take the photos for next to nothing. The ladies want to have the best possible photos to make the best possible impression. Thanks to advances in Digital Photography, it is easy for any lady to have stunning photos.

If you still have questions, we invite you to chat with our Web Hostess or read through our Frequently Asked Questions. Don’t let your skepticism get in the way of finding true happiness, as many of our members have in the past. Best of luck!