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Is HotRussianBrides.com a Scam?

7. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

You can hardly surf the web these days without seeing some mention of a scam. Although the internet has empowered people to communicate with others from across the globe, it has also led to the abuse of this power.


Some men worry about what they hear or read about dating Russian women online. HotRussianBrides.com prides itself on being one of the most secure and legitimate Russian dating sites. No other international matchmaking service provides as many safeguards for its members.


Video Validation

Some dating sites let a lady just choose a user name and start emailing, but HotRussianBrides uses a more complicated process to prevent scammers. The Video Validation process requires each lady to read and sign an agreement which states they are not being paid, will not ask for money or gifts, and will comply with the Terms of Use.


All of this is recorded on video for extra proof of her intentions. In addition, Russian ladies must submit identification and complete an interview to verify their profile information before they can even begin to browse the site.


Customer Support

Even after the intense validation procedures, there may still be some questions or concerns about a particular Russian lady. This is where the expert team of customer service professionals can step in to provide you with any assistance.


You can chat live with a web hostess or call or email a customer support representative with your inquiries. If you believe a lady is violating any of the policies, contact customer service right away with her user name or user ID number so she can be investigated.


HotRussianBrides.com takes the safety and security of its members very seriously. While it’s impossible to constantly monitor the actions of every single Russian bride, it is possible to take every precaution necessary. You can feel safe knowing that this is a real Russian dating experience and this company is here to help you every step of the way.