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Is HotRussianBrides.com a Scammer?

2. July 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

"I've read a lot of black list sites and some of the information makes me concerned."


Blacklist sites represent a more complicated aspect of the internet-based dating industry.


There have been numerous cases where the dating sites themselves have created blacklist sites with no other agenda than to slander their competition. In other cases, men have exaggerated or even totally falsified reports because of a negative experience with a woman. Also, some people do not research overseas marriage before deciding it is something they would like to do. This includes reading ALL of a site's terms and conditions, plus educating oneself about the legal issues involved with marrying someone from overseas. Some of the complaints on these sites have to do with things that are clearly spelled out in our user agreement and/or IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Act of 2005). This is one of the dilemmas of the industry: how does one tell what information is actually useful and what is not?


Here are a few other questions to ask yourself when reading a blacklist site:

  • What is the site's affiliation with other services?
  • Do they have any direct connections to another business or are they an independent source of information?
  • How do they judge what service is honorable and what service is a scam?
  • Do their recommended sites fit their own criteria?
  • Look at the language of the site. Does the diction of the reports sound credible or more like someone who is holding a grudge?
  • Do they give examples of actual scamming or is it just a case of a broken heart gone awry?


Remember, just like a brick and mortar establishment, Internet-based businesses are subject to bad publicity from disprovable and often times highly speculative sources. This is even more prevalent nowadays with internet access becoming more widely available and the sense of anonymity provided by online forums and message boards. Click here to read HotRussianBrides.com Anti Scam Policy.

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