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Is It Better to Use Email or Chat?

23. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Hot Russian Brides offers two means of communication while you and your Russian lady get acquainted with one another, email and chat. Which of these is the best? Each serves a different and complementary purpose. A few benefits of each:



Chat is the immediate, instant gratification conversation method. You can send one another answers back and forth in real time and enjoy a conversation. It’s a great way to spend time together, particularly when paired with a live video stream. The speed with which you can exchange chat messages is a big plus for many members. Plus, you get responses in minutes instead of hours or days.



Email is a fantastic option for those whose schedules do not always align. If she is not around when you are, you can send her an email message, and know that she’ll get it and be able to respond when she is online again.


Email is also a good tool for longer, in-depth conversations. In an email, you can share longer anecdotes with one another and also share pictures of what you are up to. 


Email is great for guys who like to take their time while they figure out exactly what they’d like to say. It is also perfect for ladies whose are just learning English. Emails give her more time than chat does to put together replies.


You can forward the emails she sends to you to an outside email address to so you can keep and reread them. It’s fun to look at those messages and think back on your online courtship. Plus, these loving email exchanges come in handy when it is time for her to get her fiancé visa and join you at home.


Plus, signing onto the site and seeing that you have a new message from that special Russian lady adds a bright spot to your day.



Each Couple Finds the Mix That Works for Them

Some gentlemen and ladies prefer chat to email because they do not enjoy writing long messages. Others like to take their time and send thoughtful email messages. In the end, the two of you will work out a combination that suits you best and allows your romance to flourish. 


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