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Is It Important to Have a Partner With Similar Interests?

7. October 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

When you’re searching for a mate on HotRussianBrides do you look for ladies with similar values, goals, and interests? Or are you more a believer of the opposites attract theory? How important, overall, are a partner’s interests to you?

In a recent Matchup Survey, we asked the male and female members of HotRussianBrides how important having a partner with most of the same interests was to them. There were five choices: very important, somewhat important, not too important, but it’s nice to have, not important at all, and we must have 100% the same interests. Here are the results:



Interestingly, finding a partner with most of the same interests is more important to the women on HotRussianBrides than the men. Twice as many ladies, 32%, said a partner with similar interests was “very important” to them. Only 16% of men agreed. 46% of the men said it’s “somewhat important” as compared to 35% of the ladies. More men, 36%, said having a partner with most of the same interests was “not too important, but nice to have,” while 28% of women agreed.


What Does This Mean for Russian Bride Seekers?

So, what does this mean for the gentlemen of HotRussianBrides? That they may want to pursue women who share most, or at least some, of the same interests. After all, 67% of the ladies surveyed said that finding a partner with similar interests is very important – somewhat important to them. Not only that, but dozens of studies have shown that men and women with similar personalities and interests are more likely to be attracted to one another than to people with opposite personalities and are more likely to have stable, happy relationships.

While every couple is different, both informal studies and scientific research has shown that a partner with similar interests is important to both sexes and can greatly influence the outcome of a relationship. When you’re searching for your match on HotRussianBrides, think about a lady’s personality, interests, and goals and how well they synch up with your own.